A well-written text is of great importance to you or to your organisation, so it is important that you receive a quality text. Still, there is more to life than text. Casper Context is socially responsible and wants to contribute to a fairer and cleaner world. In practice, this means that for each euro you spend at Casper Context, a small percentage will be used to support two charity organisations: War Child and the World Wide Fund for Nature. This way, you will not only receive a quality text, but indirectly you will be assisting in building a better society as well.

Music has always been important to me. And you know what? Studies show that music is not just for fun. It stimulates the development of our brains as well! This makes music an efficient way to support children in developing countries around the world, and that’s why War Child is doing such important work.

The World Wide Fund for Nature is dedicated to a clean earth where man, animal and nature are in harmony with each other. Increasingly, climate change is disturbing this balance. Nowadays, nearly everyone is aware that the environment is struggling. The WWF is taking action and provides a helping hand to restore the natural balance.